Yes, we need people! If you can't find a proper position, which fits you, on this list below, please will free to contact us and ask how your skills may help us now or in the future.


If you are looked at the design of the prototype on this site for a few minutes, figured out how all of this would work "in a metal", guessed in which program it was drawn, and invented how you could redo the existing prototype, but only this keeps you from sending us a portfolio, it means you are most likely exactly who we are looking for!

And if, in addition to that, you also love space and sci-fi, then you should definitely write to us! Because if you dream of one day to go colonize space, and sometimes imagining how your wheels crush the regolith, leaving a cloud of dust behind the stern, then you better than anyone else can draw it.

And not just draw. Another important point is that our person should, if not have a technical education, then at least have a technical mindset and understand «what» he is drawing and «how» this part works. Not “I’m an artist! I see it this way!”, but “here we have an oxygen regeneration system, and this hatch protects the retractable satellite dish from dust”. Moreover, with a constant desire to learn and study.

The designer will be in constant close contact with the engineering team of constructors, so knowledge of AutoCAD (ArchiCAD) or at least just the ability to read drawings and a passed exam in "Descriptive Geometry" once upon a time in a mediocre trade school will undoubtedly be a plus.

Of the desirable options knowledge of various graphic engines (UNIGINE is a definite plus because we are planning to switch to using it), the US visa, a million dollars that you are ready to invest in a project, and a diploma from Darkhan-Uul Polytechnic College in Mongolia. Haha, no. No one is interested in your diplomas and pieces of paper in the 2020s, especially in the Valley. Only knowledge, experience, and a desire to develop yourself.

Last but not least. Our most important requirement for a team member is that he or she must be exactly the same crazy dreamer, just like we are! They are must understand that there is a probability, that tends to 1, to spend a lot of time and not achieve a result for a long time. That this is not a side hobby, but a serious life goal for decades. That these are red eyes, sleepless nights, gray hair, problems with personal life. A misunderstands from a spouse, parents, and friends. A bouquet of new neuroses, potential poverty, and a drop in living standards after moving to the USA. (Yes, I am not at all happy with the fact that the team is smeared all over the planet. So, sooner or later, everyone will have to move here — the motherland to Boeing and Tesla, Google, and Boston Dynamics).

Elon Musk and his companions in arms at the time of work on ZIP2 lived in the office, ate cheap junk food, and slept in the office on a beanbag. If you are ready for this and always choosing two birds in the bush instead of one in the hand, then you can do it!


We need a lot of engineers. And even more, will be needed! At the moment, two technical specialists are required (not necessarily with diplomas, by the way, but skills and knowledge).

The first one should be familiar with electric motor-wheel systems, such as those that are installed on mining dump trucks, trams, electric locomotives, forklifts, and Mars rovers.

A person must distinguish the rotor from the stator, understand the torques, forces, energy efficiency, and other characteristics of electric motors. Understanding what regenerative braking is and how heat capacity differs from thermal conductivity.

Even if your experience is limited only to creating a radio-controlled mowing machine or repairing electric motors in a tram depot, but you completely share the views and goals of the company and would like to try yourself in something new, then write and we will discuss the details of cooperation.


We need a lot of engineers. And even more, will be needed! At the moment, two technical specialists are required (not necessarily with diplomas, by the way, but skills and knowledge).

The second person should have experience with the suspension of heavy trucks, armored personnel carriers, or SUVs. Springs and shock absorbers. Pneumatics and hydraulics. Rolling and sliding.

If you have ever worked in a car repair shop and were preparing off-road vehicles for trophy races, cut off and welded old Jeep into your designed project, built a monster truck, or during your military serve you were disassembling the suspension of HUMVEE after an unsuccessful airdrop, and now you are ready to try yourself at something more, then contact with us and we will discuss the possibility of your joining the team.


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