I have a dream... Wait, we have a dream! Our small and friendly team thanks to technical progress and engineering thought in the 20th and 21st centuries are working together on what we have always dreamed of. And all this at a distance of several thousand miles from each other! We manage to work with complete dedication, striving to create and make a dream come true. We are designing a universal all-terrain transport vehicle with a fast-change battery and six independent wheel hub motors, the range of use of which is limited only by the imagination of our customers and their needs.

Unlike most one-day startups that flower and fade away within a couple of years, our plan is long-term and consists of several stages, most of which will concern the Earth in the next 10-20 years. Before looking at Mars, we are going to create a full-fledged automobile company, producing vehicles for the most severe earth conditions and operators.

Our path to a trillion-dollar multi-planetary corporation begins with the most passable and high-tech RV on the market, equipped with modern luxury features. A motorhome, suitable for both long-term parking and for overcoming the most difficult terrain, will be able to give off-road odds to any all-wheel-drive military competitor, with their internal combustion engines. Six driving wheels, an independent suspension of our own design, a winch, a bunch of lights, and an advanced onboard computer will allow getting to where there is not even a track — just an azimuth on the map.

Then, based on the already proven chassis, our range will continue with a range of multi-purpose work trucks. “Transport for the guys who wear helmets”™ and who operate the all-terrain vehicle 24/7 365 days a year and in all climatic zones of our planet. We will supply reliable all-terrain vehicles to oil pipeline builders in the Arabian deserts, Yukon miners, Amazon lumberjacks, and explorers of the melting of Arctic tundra permafrost.

Brave Californian or Australian firefighters, who off-the-grids fight the wildfires, will be able to quickly deliver extinguishing agents to areas where not every helicopter may land. An armored version of the truck will clearly appeal to the military, who dreams of leaving a diesel supplies addiction to their remote bases and will gain true fuel independence. The same segment is currently occupied by various six-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, such as Ukrainian KRAZ-6322, German MAN HX, Belarusian MAZ-6317, Russian URAL-4320 and KAMAZ-5350, American FMTV and MTVR.

Foremens, site managers, chief engineers and mechanics will appreciate the fast-changeable battery, truck's maintainability, and functionality of the universal cargo platform when the payload of one vehicle can be replaced by two people within one hour of time and using a portable gantry crane supplied by us.

Well, and then, when the name of our Huskie truck becomes a household name and will be known all over the Earth, and Elon Musk will establish regular Earth-to-Mars transport links, realizing his dream of turning mankind into a multi-planetary species, the colonists will need reliable transport. For building a first extraterrestrial city, for long-range autonomous research expeditions, for delivering supplies from base to base, and any other routine within the life of the colony. And then we will be able to fulfill our Main Dream, for the sake of which everything was started.

When the company's value will amount to several billion, when the brightest minds of the Earth will work for many years to improve the design of the truck structure, increasing its reliability, impermeability, and range in conditions of sand and extreme temperatures... Then the finest hour will come and we load our first Mars-orientated prototype into Starship. We will provide Mars with a universal transport, on the rear platform of which it will be possible to easily replace the sealed living modules with the bodies of dump trucks or tanks with liquids and gases.

Because we sincerely sure and believe that the colonization of outer space and making Humans a multi-planetary species, is one of the most important tasks, facing earthlings today. We must go to Mars and establish a permanent colony there, otherwise, the next pandemic or asteroid may become the last for our species. Such a risk is unforgivable for a species that considers itself reasonable.

We are aware of the scale and ambition level of the tasks and all the challenges that we will have to face. We have no illusions about the fact that it will be easy for us to outrun such predators as Oshkosh Corporation, which is today the main supplier of trucks for the Pentagon. But both Kodak and Nokia once fell, unable to adapt to changing circumstances. Just as the inert and bureaucratized Ford and Toyota cannot keep up with the Tesla, so the lazy, bulky manufacturers of diesel monsters for the military will not be able to demonstrate at least something worthwhile when Uncle Sam announces the doctrine of switching to electricity.


Alex Klimanov

Founder, CEO and CTO

My name is Alex Klimanov, I am a founder, CEO, and CTO of Vasyugan Aerospace. In the past, I studied at the Tomsk Polytechnic University, then for more than 10 years held leading positions in Russian opposition political parties, was involved in elections, protest rallies, and have tried to build in Russia a good Occident country. I traveled the endless Siberian taiga and Vasyugan swamps in different all-terrain vehicles (4×4, 6×6, 8×8, and tracks), and have worked on oil fields in the polar tundra of Yamal. So, now I have an excellent idea of ​​what my future customers need.

Faced with the threat of arrest for my political activities, I fled to Ukraine, where I worked in the anti-corruption office in a team of the Odesa governor and the former president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, then I got political asylum in the United States. Here I have studied Ayn Rand's works, and the book about Elon Musk, which gave me an understanding of what I really want in my life. And I want to help colonize Mars and build an electric future on the Earth.

After changing a couple of low-skilled jobs, I graduated from the American Aerospace Aerospace Academy and got a job in an aerospace laboratory. As a member of The Mars Society, I attended the 20th-anniversary convention of the society, met Robert Zubrin, astronauts, scientists, and engineers from NASA and SpaceX, and realized exactly how I could personally help, and where to put my brain and hands.

Therefore, after leaving the aerospace industry, I worked at Tesla, and then at Camping World, where I learned about the RV and its systems. I completed the RV specialized class in AZ as a Technician because this market should be the first in my startup. At the moment I am fully dedicated to this project and I devote all of my time to the development of the company.

Kseniia Bortsova

Project Manager,
Chief Designer

My name is Kseniia Bortsova, I am a Project Manager, 3D Designer, and Assistant to CEO Alex Klimanov. In 2011 I moved from Ukraine to the Netherlands, where I graduated from the Saxion University of Applied Arts, Faculty of Creative Media and Game Technologies. I went on exchange to Indonesia, where I studied project management and business in the field of telecommunications. At the moment, in addition to working in our startup, I am engaged in 3D visualization of spaces, marketing, and project management.

I have always wanted to create something unique and useful, and in my work, I always strive for the best results. Therefore, VA is not just a job for me, but a busy to which I devote all my free time, because it is only here that I am able to combine all my knowledge, abilities, and skills at one point, and I significantly developed it, working on the project. But most importantly, now I understand the vector of my own rise and the direction for further growth, which would correspond to my values ​​and goals.

Elnar Akov

Software Engineer, IT

I am Elnar Akov. In the company, I am a Software Engineer and responsible for IT, design of dashboard and navigation panels, website development, etc. I graduated from Udmurt State University (Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering) with a degree in Applied Informatics in Economics.

I have worked as a programmer in such companies as oil company Rosneft, the city center of information technologies Citadel, The Station of Technical Creativity and additionally, I taught Computer Science at the Leisure and Youth Center. In my spare time, I engage in robotics and website development.

Since childhood, I was fond of astronautics, alternative energy, and electric vehicles. In 2012, inspired by the successful landing of the Curiosity rover, I decided to start popularizing space, and with a friend of mine, I acquaintance created a few public groups on vk.com. The first one is about private astronautics and counts more than 20k subscribers for now. Another group is about the activities of Elon Musk, it counts 300k subscribers and until recently time it was the largest fan community about the visionary in Russian.

I knew Alex as a member of our editorial team of the resources mentioned above for several years, and I followed the development of his project Vasyugan Aerospace when it didn't even have this (or any) name, but there was only the idea that he shared with everyone he met. Seeing that he take it too real and serious, his determination, and understanding of what he's talking about, I decided to join and help him in developing the site. Now I'm a full-time crew member and I did not regret it for a minute! After all, not every day do I get a chance to work on a project that combines all my passions: space, electric cars, robot programming, and website development.

Dmitry Korablev


My name is Dmitry Korablev, I am an intern and a novice design engineer. At a startup, I am engaged in data mining and search for the best technical solutions. I also provide secondary assistance in the form of writing and processing business proposals to potential partners.

In addition to studying and working on our project, I write news about space exploration, rockets, green energy, and electric cars. After completing 11 grades of high school and English school in Kazakhstan, I will move to the United States to study automotive, economics, and private business at university.

Being a young and persistent person, for me, a startup is something more than a job. I've always wanted to create something new, futuristic, and just cool to help a wide range of people with that product. Thanks to VA, I was able to find myself and a place where I can invest my strength, skills and enjoy the work done.

Alex Svyatov

Head of the Military Division

Denis Nirkov

Market Analyst

Ardager Mural



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